7 Best Donation Plugins for WordPress 2018
If you are one of the WordPress Developers who contribute a lot to Open Source Projects or offer the product for free, you might definitely know the Importance of donations, as it is the most important part that keeps up the cost of running the website. Not only that Non Profit Organizations rely much on… (0 comment)

5 Best Customer Review Plugins for WordPress Site.
One of the most important factors in increasing the transactions of your Online Store is by Building the Trust with the Audience. Here the term “Trust” is served in many ways such as “Maintaining the Perfect Balance of Design in your website”, the overall pricing Strategy used, and the most important being the “Reviews” by… (0 comment)

How to Install a WordPress Theme [Beginners Guide 2018]
Just like WordPress Plugins that provides you with the benefit of adding additional features and functions WordPress Themes are there to provide your Website or a Blog with the overall Design & Layout thus taking your hands off from the normal coding practices that were used to code websites earlier. With number of themes available… (0 comment)

6 Best Event Calendar plugins for WordPress Site 2018
When it comes to hosting events be it conferences, meetings, gatherings, eateries etc. in your WordPress Site, a Good Event Calendar Plugin is a must. Well there are numerous plugins that come with their own unique features, We have handpicked 6 Best Event Calendar Plugins if you’re looking to host such events. This article contains… (2 comments)