12 Best WordPress Video Player Plugins for 2019.
With decreasing attention span of today’s generation, you cannot expect anyone to know about your Brand or a Product by reading long paragraph of texts. Also, incorporating videos are also one of the creative ways to stand out among your competitor’s. Whether you want to create a Brand awareness or add educational videos related to… (0 comment)

12 Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes of 2019.
The world has never been the same after the internet. This revolutionary technology gifted people with numerous new work opportunities. Affiliate marketing is one of them. There was a time when people used to market products door to door. That marketing technique will quickly extinct because affiliate marketing is growing as one of the leading… (0 comment)

11 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins 2019 (Free & Premium)
WordPress is the world’s most powerful and feature-rich CMS for building websites and blogs. It provides numerous features that make building and managing a website easier. One such feature provided is shortcode. Essentially, shortcodes are shorthand references which expand when the user uses them. When you use such kind of feature in programming, it is… (0 comment)