5 Top Internal Linking WordPress Plugins for 2021.

Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins

Do you want to rank higher on the Search Engines?

Well, everyone want’s that sweet spot on Google!

Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins
A lot goes behind Off-Page and On-Page SEO to get the right visibility and page rank on the Search Engines.

We will be discussing one of the most important aspect of On-page SEO that will help you rank your important pages without making great efforts, called “Internal Linking”.

With that, you can find a list of the Best Internal Linking WordPress Plugins available in the market, you can use for your website.

What are Internal Links?

In short, Internal Linking of Blog Posts is one of the essential tactics of on-site SEO, where a page on a domain is linked to another page on the same domain.

This is one of the main reason that websites with a strong Internal Link Structure tends to rank higher on Search Engine’s, for example Wikipedia.

Benefits of Internal Linking

Benefits of Internal Linking
Being the solid backbone of your overall SEO strategy, a good Internal Link Building strategy can do wonders to your website such as:
Hence by now, you might be clear as to why Internal Link Building for your WordPress website.
Now let us know some of the Best Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress sites that can be integrated to boost your SEO.

Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins

LinkWhisper is an innovative Internal linking Plugin that can ease the process of building internal links on your WordPress website.

Link Whisper Settings

Where-in, manual linking requires you to find the right content, anchor text and Internal Links, LinkWhisper does a lot more by suggesting Internal Links and anchor texts as you write the content, the result of which you can save ton of time and find new opportunities for ranking higher on the Search Engines.

Another notable feature offered by the Plugin is the Internal Linking Reports that can help the webmaster to check the no. of Internal Links pointing to a given page along with the outbound internal links and external links.

The Reports dashboard also gives you the freedom to quickly add Internal Links by clicking on the “Add” option.

Key Features

  1. A Plug and play Plugin (Easy to use).
  2. Automatic Internal Linking Suggestions.
  3. Powerful Reports.
  4. Compatible with all visual editors such as Gutenberg, Thrive, Elementor etc.


If you want to supercharge your website with this smart Plugin, you can choose any of the 3 Plans, according to your need.

The Price starts from $77 for 1 website, $117 for 3 websites and $167 for 10 websites.

Every Plan of Link Whisper includes all Features with Support and collection of Tutorials.

Check out Link Whisper Black Friday deal where you can get FLAT $25 discount on all Plans.

Interlinks Manger is a powerful plugin for your SEO strategy bundled with a set of tools that can help you build effective Internal Links for your website with ease.
The collection of features offered by the Plugin helps you develop a good link structure, increase conversions or sales and improve search engine rankings.
Interlinks Manager Plugin
Using the tool, you can also analyze important metrics related to Internal Links such as number of visits generated by each link, no. of internal links on your website, optimization status and more, which can be used to optimize the Internal links for better results.
Another unique option provided is the option to calculate the SEO Link Juice for each of the Links on your website.
Interlinks Manager Suggestions
The Plugin suggests Internal Links right on the editor considering many parameters.

Other Features

  1. Create auto Internal Links: Convert phrases and keywords into Links.
  2. Export all data related to Internal Links in .csv format.
  3. Disable certain features for specific user roles.
  4. Gutenberg ready.

Price: You can grab the Interlinks Manager Plugin for $33.

This SEO Plugin from the team of Mythemeshop has gained a huge popularity because of the numerous feature it offers on a single tool.

Rank Math can be used to add Internal Links through the Link Suggestion it offers on the WordPress editor.
Rank Math WordPress Plugin
The Plugin scans the content on your website as your write and suggest the Internal links which can be added right away.
The Links are suggested based on factors such as the “Title” and “Focus Keyword” of the current post, depending upon your settings.
So, If you’re looking for a suite a advanced SEO features on a single plugin, you can try the Rank Math SEO Plugin for your website.

Key Features

  1. Sitewide SEO analysis.
  2. Rich snippets.
  3. 404 monitoring.
  4. Link counter (Internal, External, Incoming) for each post.
Out of many SEO Plugins in the market, Yoast SEO stills holds a strong position in the SEO Industry.
Apart from offering a range of SEO features, Yoast also provides an easy way to Interlink your blog post without having to leave your WordPress editor.
Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
The Yoast Insights tool scans to find related related articles using different metrics in the background. Once done will all the asses ment, you are offered with a list of Internal Link suggestion.
You can either copy the link to the Blog post you’re writing or drag and drop the link.

Key Features

  1. Content insights for posts on your website.
  2. Optimize content for Keywords, synonyms, phrases or related keyword.
  3. Redirections and a lot more.
Internal Link Juicer is another plugin in our list of Best Internal Linking Plugins. The Plugin helps you add Internal links smartly and automatically by configuring the keywords with your posts.
Internal Link Juicer WordPress Plugin
For example: When you associate a keyword “fast website” with a Post “How to speed up a website?”, Internal link juicer will use this keyword to link this post everytime your write other contents
The Plugin is best suited for digital publishers such as Bloggers and affiliates.

Some of the optimization tweaks you can perform with the plugin include –

  1. Exclude specific post type for Internal Linking.
  2. Limit no. of Internal links per post.
  3. Add gaps between keywords to diversify anchor text.
So, If you are looking for a free option, you can check out the Internal Link juicer plugin.

Final Thoughts

Internal Link building is one of the important part of your On-page SEO. With a proper Internal linking, you can rank your money making pages higher on the Search Engines.
But yes, it does consume a little time. With 5 Internal Linking Plugins listed in the article , you can automate the process without any error.

The most important, “You can save time”.

Let us know in the comments below, what plugin do you use on your website?

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