4 Best Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress in 2020.

We all know that Internal Linking of Blog Posts is one of the essential tactics of On Page SEO which is one of the main reason that websites with a Strong Internal Link Structure tends to rank better on the Search Engine, for example Wikipedia.

Importance of Internal Link Building

Being the Solid backbone of your overall SEO Strategy, a good Internal Link Building Strategy can do wonders to your website such as:

Improvement in User Experience and Readability

How difficult it would have been if the user had to press the back button for every new Blog Post they wanted to explore.

Internal Linking drives the user to further engage with your Blog posts giving them the freedom to know more easily, thus Improving the User Experience and the Readability.

Decrease in Bounce Rates

It’s obvious that when you link a Blog Post to another relevant post, the users tend to spend more time on your Blog which by no doubt is going to decrease the Bounce Rates.

Spread the Link Juice for SEO

A blog post/ Page (A) that receives tons of traffic and has a lot of external links pointing on it has more weightage and tends to rank up high in the Search Engines which brings us to the point that a Blog Post/Page (B) linked from these resources (A) are benefited because of the SEO Link Juice or Trust Factor that spreads from A to B.

Hence by now, you might be clear as to why Internal Link Building for your Blog / Website is Important. Now let us know some of the Best Internal Linking Plugins for WordPress sites that can be integrated to boost your Overall SEO.

Best WordPress Internal Linking Plugins (2020)

1. Link Whisper


LinkWhisper is an innovative Internal linking Plugin that can ease the process of building internal links on your WordPress website.

Where-in, manual linking requires you to find the right content, anchor text and Internal Links, LinkWhisper does a lot more by suggesting Internal Links and the Anchor text as you write the content, the result of which you can save tons of time, find new opportunities for ranking higher on the Search Engines.

Another notable feature offered by the Plugin is the Internal Linking Reports that can help the webmaster to check the no. of Internal Links pointing to a given page along with the outbound internal links and external links.

Can’t decide? Whether you should go for Link Whisper? Find more information about this plugin on Link Whisper Review

2. Interlinks Manager


Interlinks Manger is a powerful tool for your SEO Strategy bundled with lot of features that can help you build smart and effective Internal Link Structure for your website.

The features offered by Interlinks Manager Plugin are:

  • Analyze the Internal Links: The Statistics provided such as the number of Internal Links, No. of visits generated by each link etc. helps you optimized the Internal Links and Improve the Structure accordingly.
  • Calculate the Link Juice: This is one of the unique features provided as it lets you find the detailed list of all the single links that helps to generate the overall link juice for each URL.

Apart from this other features are Interlinks Suggestion, tracking no. of clicks generated by each Internal Links, creation of auto interlinks etc.

3. SEO Smart Links


SEO Smart Links Plugin lets you automatically link keywords or Phrases in your posts and comments with the corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your Blog.
Apart from this some other benefits provided by the Plugin are:

  • You can create a set of custom keywords and a set of matching URLs easily.
  • You can set no-follow to a particular link easily.

The Premium Version of the Plugins provides advanced features such as control over the number of created links, Improved Performance, advanced custom keyword options, enhanced content parsing algorithm and a lot more.

4. Mentionable


This is a cool plugin for Internal linking of your Blog Posts. The plugin works seamlessly similar in fashion to Facebook mentions (@mention).
You can interlink to your old Blog Posts directly in the editor by typing @ followed the keyword after which it will suggest you a list of Links that you want to have.


I hope this article will help every WordPress Users Improve their Internal Linking Structure and boost the SEO. If you are a WordPress Beginner, you can refer our guide to the Best SEO Plugins that can be Integrated to your WordPress Site.

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