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13 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Choose for your online Store

13 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Choose for your online Store

WooCommerce is the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Because of its Simplicity and huge number of Plugins that gives Online Stores every powerful features as the normal eCommerce site, it is the most adopted among every business owners.

In this article, we have hand picked some of the Best WooCommerce Plugins for your Store.

13 Best WooCommerce Plugins

The following list includes both Free and Premium WooCommerce plugins that will definitely help you in getting your WooCommerce powered store some powerful features to Implement.


Trusted by 700, 000+ website owners, OptinMonster is more than just a list building tool. It can be called as a conversion optimized – lead generation tool that can be used by any level of user’s to boost leads and sales.

E- Commerce websites suffering from cart abandonment’s will definitely benefit from this lead generation tool.

It let’s you easily create stunning opt-in forms using the drag and drop builder packed with attention grabbing elements such as animations and sounds.

For engaging the visitors, OptinMonster offers various form of campaigns such as Light-box popup, Countdown timer, Coupon wheels option and a lot more.

Apart from these, one of the powerful features offered is the Behavior system that let’s you show the right campaign to the right people at the right time.

Other features offered by OptinMonster are:

  • Geo Location, Page Level and Device Based Targeting.
  • A/B testing for better results.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Email Marketing service.


WooCommerce Products Filter

No Online Shop gets visitors having similar needs. For example, “Consider your Store sells Scarves” with variations on price, color, sizes etc. There’s no guarantee that every customer that land on your store will look for a red colored scarf.

From the example it is clear that “How difficult it would be for every customer if there was no option to filter out the products based on your choice”. Well, one of the Plugin that simplifies the problem is WooCommerce Product Filter. Some of the features included in this plugin are:

  • Product Filtering by categories, custom taxonomies, tags, price etc.
  • Infinite Scrolling.
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • AJAX Supported.
  • Shortcode ready along with conditions such as products per page, columns etc.

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Some of the feature Included in the premium version are:

  • Filter by Color, SKU and Image.
  • Slider for taxonomies.
  • Dropdown for Hierarchy.


Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

With Stripe Payment Gateway Plugin, you can accept payments via Stripe.com, Moreover the extension also provides additional benefit of storing the Customer and
Card Information in the Stripe account, which facilitates a seamless transaction in future.


Customer Specific Pricing

I consider this as a Great Plugin since it tries to solve the problem of every store owner which they face once in a while. As the name says, Customer Specific Pricing can do wonders for your WooCommerce Store as it gives you the option of setting different prices based on Customer, various roles and groups.

Apart from the amazing features provided by the plugin, one key advantage of using Customer Specific Pricing is that it helps you in retaining your valuable Customer/ Customer’s ensuring a longevity in your Business.


Product Enquiry for WooCommerce

This Plugin by WisdmLabs can be called as a Lead generation tool because it tries to solve the problem of every Store owners i.e “To convert their Potential Customers and visitors into Buyers”. This Plugin is a good fit which allows your Customers to make inquiries thus solving their doubt’s and converting them into a loyal Customer.

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce lets you add an Enquiry Button on every Woo Commerce Product Page, with a simple modal form using which any customer can send you an inquiry or request a quote for the product they are interested in.


Boosters for Woo Commerce

This can be called as one of the must have plugin for anyone running a Woo Commerce powered Store. It equips your site with a lot of powerful features.

The main features covered are related to:

  • Price & Currencies.
  • Button & Price Labels.
  • Products.
  • Cart & Checkout.
  • Payment Gateways.
  • Shipping & Orders.
  • PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips.
  • Emails.


WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

If you want to control the Shipping rates based on various conditions without any hands on code, then this is a good to go plugin. With Woo Commerce Advanced Shipping you can create your own Shipping rates table based on various conditions such as weight, volume, country, state etc.

The 3 main Conditions offered by WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Plugin are:

  • Cart Based: Conditions on Subtotal,Tax, Quantity,Coupon, Weight etc.
  • User Based: Conditions on Zipcode, City, State, Country, User Role.
  • Product Based: Conditions on Width, Height, Length, Stock, Category etc.


Advanced Cash on Delivery with fee / Surcharge

This is the latest plugin that has rolled out in the themeforest marketplace. Now, no more hassle for any store owners who wish to enable the Cash on Delivery option because Advanced Cash on Delivery with fee / Surcharge comes with powerful features such as:

  • Calculate the fee depending upon various conditions such as Shipping methods, products, categories, Shipping Zone etc.
  • Option to Charge a fixed fee regardless the amount of order or charge depending on the amount of order.
  • Setting of minimum and maximum order amount to enable this payment option.

Overall, if you wish to enable “Cash on Delivery Payment Method”, this is a good to go Plugin.


Product Import Export for Woo Commerce

This plugin helps you to easily manage the Import and Export products in your woo commerce store in the CSV format. The only downside with the free version of the plugin is that “it only allows you to import /export Simple Products”. But with the premium version, the plugin offers features such as:

  • Import and Export of (Simple, Group, External, Variation) products.
  • Availability of various filters for exporting products.
  • Compatible with WPML.
  • Import and Export of product Reviews Supported.


WooCommerce Currency Switcher

If you are selling products to different countries, then this is a must have plugins.
The features offered by the Plugin are:

  • Allows the Customers/Visitors to switch currencies and get the rates in real time.
  • Display using Shortcode.
  • 3 ready to use widgets: currency switcher, currency converter and currency rates.
  • Currency can be automatically changed according to the Visitors IP.


Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce

Another great plugin form XAdapter, Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce provides the store owner’s a perfect solution to manage all of their Pricing and Discounts requirements.

The extension can help you increase the revenue by allowing you to implement dynamic prices and discounts at various levels i.e. Product, Category, Combination, and Cart without any complexity.

Some of Features offered by the Plugin are:

  • Discounts based on the Date of Purchase.
  • Offer Table displayed on the Product Page: Which helps the Buyer know all of the available discounts.
  • Discount based on Email Id.
  • Discount Based on Cart Parameters and Category.
  • Discount Based on User Roles
  • Option to set up “BOGO” rule where in a free product gets automatically added to the Cart.


YITH Woo Commerce Zoom Magnifier

Online Store Owners has to take every measures to Increase their Conversion rates and one point that’ ll help in turning visitors into Buyers is the quality of product you offer because every Customer ensures that they get a quality product for the price they pay.

With YITH Woo Commerce Zoom Magnifier, store owners can add zoom effect to the product thus allowing the visitors see a magnified image of the product on mouse hover.

Some of the Main Features offered by YITH Woo Commerce Zoom Magnifier are:

  • Option to enable/disable on Mobile Devices.
  • You can customize the width and the height of the zoom and the size of the image to be shown.


YITH Woo Commerce Social Login

With a big tap on Social media, this is the channel that cannot be ignored to bring in your Customers. With this plugin, Social Login Buttons are added to the “My Account Page”, “Checkout Page” and the WordPress Login so that your Customer’s purchase becomes seamless.



I hope the article will help you in making decisions about the Best WooCommerce Plugins to choose for your online Store. Please Share your thoughts and
Feedback in the comment below, and let us know if there is any other plugin more useful.

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