Are you looking to create an Auction Site using WordPress? or let’s say, Are you looking for the Best WordPress Auction Themes to create the next ebay? Well, The emerging success of Online Auction Marketplaces such as eBay has inspired many folks to start their own Entrepreneurial journey at a rapid pace. The main reasons behind this enormous growth are the flexibility offered to both the sellers and the Buyers in terms of choice, time and money.

If you are one of those looking to build an Auction Website; here we go. WordPress Themes offers a great solution to Build Auction websites without any coding practice. In this article we will guide you through the Best Auction Themes and Plugins for WordPress that you can used.

Top Auction Themes for WordPress

#1. Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

Responsive WordPress Auction Theme

Simplicity with great functionality is the key to Success of any Online Business. That’s what the developers at Sitemile have kept in mind in building the Auction Theme.

One of the most popular, Auction Theme provides a simple navigation and listings that offers a great deal for both the Buyers and the Sellers. Responsiveness across all the devices is the core of this theme along with various payment gateways integrated with it.

Some other features that come with the theme are availability of various monetization techniques, private messaging system, feedback and rating system for both the Buyers and Sellers, Automatic Bidding, plug & play functionality etc.

#2. Penny Auction Theme

Penny Auction Theme

If you are looking for a theme that can help you build an Auction Website without any other great efforts, Penny Auction theme can help you do that.

This theme can help you turn your WordPress Website into a fully functional Auction Website in minutes without any other auction software’s or Plugins.

Apart from these other features supported by this theme are multi-currency support, option to define packages for your customers to buy etc.

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#3. Freelance Engine

Freelance Engine WordPress Theme

Freelance Engine is a freelance marketplace theme from Engine Themes that can be utilized to earn multiple streams such as fees on posting jobs, featuring jobs with ads included and commission from each project via Escrow System.

It has a simple and Powerful Project Bidding System with a smooth & safe escrow system.
The look & feel of this theme along with the Intuitive page builder is something that cannot be missed.

Other features included with Freelance Engine Themes are great Insightful graphs, multiple payment gateways, live notification, dispute management etc.

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#4. Essential

Essential WordPress Theme

Essential theme caters to the needs of those Customers who are looking for a theme that supports both e-commerce and auctioning platform.

Essential theme comes with a Clean and attractive design without compromising on SEO, Performance and Responsiveness.

Other features included with the theme are:

  • Unlimited color schemes with easy customization options.
  • Wishlist and compare.
  • WPML Ready and a lot more.

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#5. Online Auction Theme – PremiumPress

Online Auction Theme PremiumPress

Another great theme that meets the needs of our list is the Online Auction Theme from Premium Press. With just one click Installation process this is a theme that is easy to set up and does not require any coding practices.

One of the best point about this theme is you can set up as many websites you want just with a single license.

Not only that, this auction theme has a powerful management tool that gives you the freedom to run the whole auction website on your own.

Some other features included are:

  • Owner can allow sellers to list their unsold items for free.
  • It has the Auto Bid feature.

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#6. Project Bidding Theme

Project Bidding Theme

Project Bidding Theme can be helpful for anyone looking to build sites such as a freelance marketplace or a bidding website.

Within minutes of its installation you can make you’re site up and running attracting all the buyers and sellers at one place.

Some of the great points to be mentioned are:

  • Credit system which allows the users to buy virtual cash for various tasks.
  • Search based on Zip/Postcode radius allowed.
  • Apart from this, please visit the official theme page for more details.

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#7. Taskerr

Taskerr  Theme

Taskerr is a micro jobs marketplace theme that meets of the customers looking to buy out small tasks.
With simple installation process, you can easily setup and run a fully-fledged marketplace for jobs. Along with this it also provides with the option of creating multiple pricing plans.

Other features included with Taskerr theme are:

  • Users are always notified about the latest events.
  • It takes well care of SEO and Responsiveness.

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#8. Old Wine – WordPress Auction Theme

OldWine WordPress Auction Theme

Old Wine auction theme is an elegant WordPress theme that is integrated with the WooCommerce Plugin and also compatible with the WooCommerce Cart Plugin, which means it serves the purpose for setting up both a store to sells the products directly or setting up an auction store to sell the products through auction.

Using this theme, you can allow auto-bidding as well as the reverse auctions. It also allows you to change the product price during an ongoing auction.

Other features offered by this theme are:

  • The member’s can view their bidding history.
  • Countdown timer that allows the auction to automatically expire after the Scheduled time.
  • Unlimited color schemes with lots of customization.

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Top Auction Plugins for WordPress

#9. WP Auction Software

WP Auction Software

WP Auction Software is a Complete Responsive WordPress Auction Plugin that can help you set up an Auction Site in no time.

Apart from the Normal Bidding Auction, the Plugin also supports Penny Auctions, Buy Now Auctions with a seamless transition using PayPal or

If you’re a fan of Ebay style Auction, where the user’s can buy as well as sell items, this plugin can help you in getting your work done and can be a perfect choice for you.

It’s advanced search features can help the bidders find the product easily.

Apart from that, other features offered by the WP Auction Software are:

  • Schedule Auctions.
  • The Plugin Supports digital downloads in which the bidder receives a download link upon winning the auction.
  • It is an SEO Friendly Plugin.
  • Internal Invoicing.
  • The user’s can see every listings in a sleek manner such as New, Active, Ending Soon Listings.

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#10. WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce Simple Auctions Plugin

WooCommerce Simple Auctions is another WordPress Auction Plugin that can be called as an extension of the WooCommerce Plugin. The Plugin lets you add Auction functionality into your existing  WooCommerce site.

This Auction tool benchmarks itself from other auction plugin by providing a feature of Role Based Bidding.

It supports different types of auctions such as Reverse, Sealed and Proxy.

You can easily set the start price, price increment, reserve price and the Buy Now Price.

All the details of the activities are notified through emails such as the Auction winner, payment reminder, customer bid etc.

Other features provided by the Plugin are:

  • Availability of Shortcodes.
  • Dedicated my auction page for every users.
  • Icon provided on all the auction products.
  • Sorting of Auction Products by date, bid amount etc.

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#11. YITH Auctions for WooCommerce

YITH WordPress Auction Plugin

YITH Auctions for WooCommerce is by far one of the Best WordPress Auction Plugin from the YITH Team, one of the well known companies creating Products around WordPress.

This is an add-on or the WooCommerce Plugin, where in it provides you with all the features for an Auction Site.

Using this will help you set up a Minimum Bid Price, Reserve Price, raise bid automatically ( in case of overbid) along with the auction duration that is automatically shown on the product page.

This auction plugin adds uniqueness by encrypting the names of all the bidders.

Other essential features provided by the YITH Auction Plugin for WooCommerce are:

  • Show auction products on the homepage – this will help with in attracting more users.
  • Extend the date of ongoing auction.
  • Show auction products on the sidebar.
  • Provide list of bids to related users through the my auction page.

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If we have missed any of your favorite Auction themes or Plugins, please let us know in the comments below.

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