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6 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins for 2019.

6 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins for 2019.

Are you looking for the Best WordPress FAQ Plugins? Wondering why FAQ pages are so important for your website? Well, we have all the answers covered in this guide.

Starting from the Importance of FAQ Pages followed by the advantages along with the Best FAQ Plugins that you can use for your WordPress Site.

Importance of FAQ Pages
As a Business owner, you know how important it is to serve the Customers with all the queries/ confusions or let’s say that you provide your Customers with a particular Service or a Product, In that case receiving tons of queries through email may not be a new thing for you. Since it is the job of your Support team to handle each of those queries individually, the whole process may not be efficient.

This simple Scenario makes it clear that having an FAQ page on a website is a must.

Advantages of FAQ Pages
Listed below are few of the advantages associated with incorporating an FAQ page:

Purchase: A Customer is less likely to buy the Product if the website doesn’t provide clear information.
Time: In case of Queries that comes to your way through email you can save tons of time by redirecting the customers to the FAQ page addressing a specific problem.
Productivity: Combining the above two point’s increases the productivity of your work.

FAQ Pages in WordPress using FAQ Plugin

Though FAQ Pages in WordPress can be created normally using pages; adding an extra layer of features & aesthetics may not be possible for a Business owner who isn’t comfortable with the ins and outs of code.

This is where the importance of FAQ Plugins comes into play. Using the Best WordPress FAQ Plugins also comes with advantages such as:

  • Anyone can create feature rich FAQ Pages.
  • You can design the FAQ Page according to the look and feel of the website.
  • You can modify the FAQ Page without any external help.

6 Best WordPress FAQ Plugins

In this part, we will list the Best FAQ Plugins for WordPress that you can choose for your WordPress site.

Ultimate FAQ


The first Plugin that makes into the list is the Ultimate FAQ Plugin. An easy to use plugin with rich features makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for the Best FAQ Plugin.

The Plugin lets you create unlimited FAQs along with specific FAQ categories that look great on all the devices.

For all the Business owners running a WooCommerce powered site, this plugin can add great value to your shop by providing a simple shortcode using which you can display all of the FAQs on the Product page and increase the chances of conversion.

Not only that, Ultimate FAQ also provides you with the option to create SEO Friendly links for each of the FAQ Post. Thus, SEO is taken care by the plugin itself.

Other features provided by the Ultimate FAQ Plugin are:

  • Ajax enabled search for easy access of specific FAQs.
  • Different FAQ Styles with options for adding animations.
  • Create FAQ Manual by exporting all the FAQs to PDF.
  • Statistics that shows how many the FAQ has been viewed which then can be arranged according to the popularity using the Drag and Drop Interface.
  • Option to share the FAQs on Social Media.

More Info | Download

FAQ Plus


If you’re looking for an FAQ Plugin with lot of options for Customization; choosing FAQ Plus may be a great choice for you.

Using a simple shortcode provided by the plugin, the FAQs can be placed anywhere be it a post, a page or any widget. With Unlimited color variants for every FAQ group along with 15+ animation effects, you can create the FAQs according to the design of your website.

One thing that cannot be missed about FAQ Plus is its compatibility with the well-known – easy to use Builder i.e. Visual Composer.

Other features provided by the FAQ Plus are

  • Supports Font Awesome.
  • Responsive across all the devices.
  • Apart from text FAQ Plus also supports Images and videos.

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WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager


If you want an FAQ Plugin specialized for a WooCommerce Site; look none other than the WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager which claims itself as a plug and play FAQ Plugin with zero configuration.

With WooCommerce FAQ Plugin, you can create unlimited number of FAQs using the clone feature it provides. Once you’re done creating the FAQs, the Plugin adds a dedicated FAQ tab on each of the Product page, the title and position of which can be altered.

Its single Interface lets you manage everything at one go thereby minimizing the effort.

Other features provided by the WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager are:

  • Translation ready.
  • The FAQ Contents supports Images as well as videos.
  • Allows your Customers to search for answers within seconds using the Animated Live Search option.
  • 7 Predefined themes with the option to create Custom theme.
  • Bulk Edit option to show/ hide the FAQ tab on multiple products.
  • 6 months of Premium Support with Lifetime free updates.

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WP Clever FAQ Builder


WP Clever FAQ Builder can be called as a Smart FAQ Tool because unlike other WordPress FAQ Plugins that allows you to create FAQs composed of simply Questions and Answers, this plugin can be used to create Complex Conditional FAQs that can have infinity levels of questions, thereby addressing/ solving specific problems faced by the Customer.

Apart from the powerful conditional system, another important feature that can help in managing the problems faced by the Customer is the Contact form that allows them to ask questions which is notified to the admin through email.

Other features provided by the WP Clever FAQ Builder are:

  • Beautiful and Intuitive Backend Dashboard.
  • Translation Ready.
  • Supports Shortcode and Visual Composer.
  • Questions from Customer are clearly visible on the Backend.
  • Option to Customize the FAQs.

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BWL Advanced FAQ Manager


Looking for an FAQ Plugin with options for Pagination? Count BWL Advanced FAQ Manager into your list of choices.

The Plugin is by far one of the Best WordPress FAQ Plugins to choose from. With unique features such as displaying multiple FAQ Categories with specific FAQs under them, this FAQ tool does much more than an ideal FAQ Plugin. Not only that, it also allows Customers to perform live search inside the tab.

Other Important features provided by the BWL Advanced FAQ Manager are:

  • Takes care of Responsiveness across all devices.
  • 7 Different FAQ Themes.
  • Translation Ready.
  • Customers can submit questions to specific category with protection from spammers by providing the option for Captcha.
  • 6 months of Premium Support.
  • Ready to use FAQ Widget.

More Info | Download

Arconix FAQ


With 10,000+ downloads, Arconix FAQ is one of the most Popular and Free WordPress FAQ Plugin that you can find in the WordPress Repository.

Simplicity with Stylish FAQ Design is the feature that makes it suitable for every level of users to use the Arconix FAQ Plugin. The FAQs without any hassle can be displayed using a Shortcode.

Other features provided by the Arconix Plugin are:

  • The FAQs can either be displayed in the toggle or the accordion form.
  • FAQs can either be displayed individually or in groups by using the “group” taxonomy.

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Let us know in the comments below if you use any other FAQ Plugin for your WordPress Site .

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