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6 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Secure your WordPress site.

6 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Secure your WordPress site.

With millions of Websites running on WordPress, no doubt it is the most preferred CMS platform among Small Business owners and Bloggers for creating smooth and Secure Websites.

But with the popularity also comes the disadvantage of being the victim of a Security Breach.

Though Security is never compromised in the WordPress core, adding an extra layer of Protection on your high valued investment is of utmost importance, since you never know the possibilities that hackers can utilize to hack your Website.

In this article we will discuss some of the Best WordPress Security Plugins and tools that you can use to protect your website.

Popular WordPress Security Plugins



A complete WordPress Security Solution, MalCare is a WordPress Security tool that serves the job of Securing over 20,000+ WordPress sites.

The tool uses over 100 signals to investigate the website and only provides information about the possible hacks without any unnecessary panic.

Some of the features offered by MalCare are:

  • Automatic Scanner to detect Malware before any damage is done.
  • Automatic clean-up of WordPress site with a single click.
  • Security measures for all the login activity.
  • Web Application Firewall.

One of the Best thing about the tool is that, all of the Security measures taken does not overload your Server and hence it takes care of your Website Speed too.

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iThemes Security


One of the well known companies in the WordPress Community, iThemes apart from creating WordPress Themes and Plugins also adds a Security Plugin into its portfolio.
iThemes Security Plugin which was formerly known as Better WP Security claims to provide 30+ ways to secure your WordPress Site.

The features provided by this Security Plugin are user friendly for both the Beginners and the advanced professionals.

Apart from the practice of fixing common loop holes and stopping automated attacks, the pro version of the plugin includes much more than that such as:

  • Two Factor Authentication.
  • Scheduling of Malware Scan.
  • Option to set password expiration.
  • Manage all tasks from a single dashboard.

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Security Ninja

Security Ninja Pro Plugin
With simplicity and ease of use built into the core of this Security Plugin, Security Ninja is trusted by 20000+ website owner’s.

The Plugin provides a comprehensive security measures for your WordPress Site by performing over 50+ tests including measures for brute force attacks and php related issues.

Apart from the option of running Malware Scanning, other notable features offered by the Security Ninja Pro are listed below:

WordPress Core Scanner: Scans the core files and restore it to the normal form in case of any modification.

Events logger: The Plugin keeps track of all the activities on your site for almost every action such as file editing, comments, menus and a lot more.

In simple terms, security Ninja helps you find how an action happened and who did it.

Database optimizer: This can called as a bonus from the team of Security experts since it provides a layer to speed up your site along with the security.

The Optimization techniques offered by this plugin helps you remove all the garbage or unnecessary data from the database thereby improving the speed of your site.

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WordFence Security


With over 2 million active installs, this is one of the most popular and comprehensive Security Plugin that you can use.

The Free version of the Plugin is enough to secure small websites. Apart from the advantage of being robust and user friendly for Beginners, other features offered by WordPress Security pluginare:

  • Shows live traffic and hack attempts in real time along with the detailed information such as the origin, IP address etc.
  • Web Application Firewall for blocking malicious traffic.
  • Protection from Brute force attacks by limiting login attempts and other login Security measures.

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Sucuri Security


Sucuri doesn’t need an introduction though, is globally recognized for Website Security.

The Sucuri Security Plugin is a free plugin available in the WordPress Repository that provides option for Customized settings according to the usage.

Some of the features offered by the Sucuri Plugin are:

  • Tools to react after the suspiciousness of a hack.
  • Tracks all the information about failed login attempts, logins and online users.
  • Reporting of Suspicious events and malicious code.
  • Detects all the files that is added/ modified/ removed.

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Bulletproof Security


Now you can secure your WordPress site with the Bulletproof Security Plugin that provides almost all the features such as:

  • Malware Scanning.
  • Website Firewall.
  • Database Backup along with other DB Security measures.
  • Hidden Plugin folder.
  • whitelisting and updating of IP address in Real time.
  • Monitoring of files in Real time.
  • Monitoring and Security of Login activity.

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Any WordPress Security Services?

Here’s a small bonus for anyone looking to audit their WordPress website for Security or clean up their hacked website.

If your WordPress website is hacked or infected in anyway and you don’t have the time or the expertize to detect and clean the website, you can consider hiring an emergency WordPress malware removal service from the team of BitofWP.

It ensures that your website is free from any Malware and runs smoothly without causing any hassle.


Let us know in the comments below if you use any Security Plugin or Service for your WordPress Site.

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