How are Webpages Displayed? Beginner’s Guide – Step by Step
Before you dive into the Process of Website Speed Optimization, it is crucial that you know the various stages involved in rendering a Webpage. Without much introduction, Let us get behind the walls on how  Webpages are rendered and  displayed to the user. How are Webpages Displayed – The Process Involved There are 4 major… (0 comment)

15 Common WordPress Mistakes that every Beginner Should Avoid
It is quite Intimidating for a WordPress Beginner who runs into any type of problem when running their Blog or a Website at the Start. One should realize that making mistakes is normal which happens to everyone, but correcting those mistakes is the most important part. One of the factor that makes WordPress the most… (1 comment)

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources in WordPress.
When testing our Website in tools such as GTmetrix , we often come across warning such as Remove Query Strings from Static Resources. The recommendation provided to Remove the Query Strings should not be overlooked because it has priority in determining the speed of the Website. How will this article help you ? This article… (0 comment)

9 Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Theme
With thousands of WordPress Themes available in the marketplace online, it often becomes very difficult to choose the right one since every beginner / each one of us gets overwhelmed by choices offered. So understanding your need is the foremost requirement to overcome the difficulties in the choosing a WordPress theme. Choosing a WordPress theme… (0 comment)