How are Webpages Displayed? Beginner’s Guide – Step by Step
Before you dive into the Process of Website Speed Optimization, it is crucial that you know the various stages involved in rendering a Webpage. Without much introduction, Let us get behind the walls on how  Webpages are rendered and  displayed to the user. How are Webpages Displayed – The Process Involved There are 4 major… (0 comment)

How to Install a WordPress Theme [Beginners Guide 2018]
Just like WordPress Plugins that provides you with the benefit of adding additional features and functions WordPress Themes are there to provide your Website or a Blog with the overall Design & Layout thus taking your hands off from the normal coding practices that were used to code websites earlier. With number of themes available… (0 comment)

9 Important Points to Consider Before Choosing a WordPress Theme
With thousands of WordPress Themes available in the marketplace online, it often becomes very difficult to choose the right one since every beginner / each one of us gets overwhelmed by choices offered. So understanding your need is the foremost requirement to overcome the difficulties in the choosing a WordPress theme. Choosing a WordPress theme… (0 comment)