ClipMyDeals – A new Cashback + Coupon WordPress Theme

Affiliate Marketing is on rise! Every now and then, Marketers look for additional ways to earn passive income. Coupon business is one of them.

With a limited investment, you can not only start a coupon website but also gain a lot from it since the ROI from such businesses are generally high.

But can you start a feature rich coupon website using WordPress? Well if that’s the case, You can definitely can – If you use a proper coupon theme.

You might definitely be thinking about the reasons to use WordPress, Well, this powerful CMS is has transformed a lot in the recent years. The constant transformation with added benefits of excellent Plugins makes WordPress a wonderful choice.

It’s worth to note that a custom coupon website can cost anywhere between $2000-$6000 with regular maintenance charges bit with WordPress you can cut your cost a lot.

The selection of a WordPress theme for your website is the foremost thing that you need to take care of. An example of a powerful coupon WordPress theme is ClipMyDeals, which is the subject of this article.

We will highlight the most important aspects of theme in this small Review that can help you in making the best decision whether you should opt for the theme or not.

ClipMyDeals Coupon Theme

ClipMyDeals is a new WordPress theme for coupon websites in the market that can take your website to a whole new level by providing excellent features that no other theme provides.

Easy to operate for admins, Stylish for visitors and SEO friendly for the Search Engine’s, ClipMyDeals is the only WordPress theme with an integrated cashback system.


The features offered by this theme are definitely worth noting such as:


This is the most important page of the website and ClipMyDeals is a step ahead in convincing your visitors to buy. This is done by providing different Homepage formats such as the Banner homepage, video and the slider homepage.


With multiple layouts option available, you can display the coupon in the manner you want. It comes with a Grid layout, 2 column layout and 3 column layout.

25+ color combinations

You need no coding skills to run a coupon website. You can leave all those customization behind if you equip your website with ClipMyDeals WordPress theme.

The theme comes with 60+ pre-made designs and 20+ color schemes which is one of the best thing about this theme.

Location option

If you are targeting a global market and want to list coupons across stores from different countries or cities, ClipMyDeals provides an easy solution by offering an option of Location taxonomy.

You can classify the offers by location and display either on a page, sidebar or any other widgets.

Store pages

In order to provide a uniform user experience for the visitors and to entice them to spend through your website, the theme offers an option to set the color of the store pages according to the visuals of the coupons listed.

It doesn’t stop there. You can also add visuals such as graphics on each of the store pages.


The theme offers widgets that can be added to the store page or a sidebar.

Notable Features

Android App

The team at ClipMyDeals focus a lot a mobile experience and for this they provide a white labelled Android App for your business.

Every changes made on the website is using on your app.

This added benefit of providing an App ensures:

  • You don’t miss the smart phone users.
  • You cut your cost on the development of an Android App.

Coupon Feed Integrations

As a business owner, we all spend much of our time on marketing and sales activities. To take care of your time such that your coupon website is updated with the latest offers every time, the theme comes integrated with Coupon Feed provider’s.

It comes integrated with LinkMyDeals which imports coupons and offers from all major sources such as stores websites, email newsletter and notifications etc.

Another major source is the CouponAPI using which you can important latest deals from major affiliate networks. All you need to do is enter your Affiliate ID and subscribe to the stores you want to get coupon from.

The CashBack Solution.

Cashbacks are trending, it’s one of the best ways to attract and retain your customers.

ClipMyDeals does the same, it provides you with an features similar to that of a powerful Cashback Plugin to transform your website into a fully functional cashback website.

Features offered include:

  • Automatic calculations and transaction details in the backend.
  • All details related to Cashback for admins
  • Easy Payout managements for the users.
  • Reports for referring, joining bonus, transactions and earnings etc. for the users.

Should you go for ClipMyDeals?

With many coupon themes in the marketplace, I think ClipMyDeals stands out in terms of the offering it provides. At a nominal rate the theme provides you with an Android App, a Cashback System and a powerful theme which is very decent. Along with that you also get lifetime updates and support which is truly noteworthy.

If you looking to start your next coupon business, you should definitely gives this theme a try. Let us know in the comments below what you like about this theme.

2 thoughts on “ClipMyDeals – A new Cashback + Coupon WordPress Theme”

  1. Useful information, But clipmydeals Themes are not enough features to customize like good Coupons site there are many Errors. Unable to upload Duplicate data. There is no Subscription form, There is less loading Speed, There is no features with footer adding, and many.
    But other themes are okay with creating Coupons site.

  2. i was lured into buying the theme, mentioning location taxonomy, being built by an affiliate and the mobile app. the location taxonomy feature is a joke, it’s a basic taxonomy like post tags – nothing else and you can’t add content so it will never rank well. the claim of the theme being built by an affiliate may be true, however that affiliate is a developer first that has no user experience in mind. the theme is so restrictive and so pretentious that it advertises the theme in the footer, a feature that can’t be disabled! the app is laggy and buggy.

    on top of that, the developer doesn’t offer a refund – stay away. i remembered that i had a rehub license and will use that theme instead with their redeal and cashback modules enabled.


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