How to Install a WordPress Theme [Beginners Guide 2018]

Just like WordPress Plugins that provides you with the benefit of adding additional features and functions WordPress Themes are there to provide your Website or a Blog with the overall Design & Layout thus taking your hands off from the normal coding practices that were used to code websites earlier.

With number of themes available in the WordPress Directory you can choose it according to the your need such as Design Layout, Aesthetic, Navigation etc.

It should be remembered though that the official lists only the free Themes, hence if you are just trying out with your Blog you can go for those free themes or else if you are really up on making a mark with your Blog there are many theme providers and theme providers such as Elegant themes, StudioPress, ThemeIsle etc.

How to Install a WordPress Theme

Now coming to the task of Installing a WordPress theme, there are 3 different ways in which you can go for it:
1. Installing WordPress Theme by Search from Theme’s Page.
2. Installing WordPress Theme from Theme’s Upload page.
3. Installing WordPress Theme through FTP.

Installing WordPress Theme by Search from Theme’s Page

The first method allows you to install only the free themes listed in the WordPress Directory; In order to Install the desired Theme, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Head over to the Appearance, and click on Theme which opens the Themes Page.
2. Click on Add New


3. The Themes Page is populated with the Featured Themes available in the WordPress Directory, here you can find the latest themes, themes according to its popularity.


Not only that, with the Filter option available, you can also select the theme according to specific layout such as Grid Layout, One Column, Specific Features and Specific Types whether its an eCommerce, Blog etc.


4. After Selecting the theme, you can Install it by clicking on Install Button.
5. The above Step allows the WordPress Application to Install the required theme files; Click on Activate


Now depending upon the theme, you can configure the general settings for the theme.

Installing WordPress Theme from Theme’s Upload page

This method allows you applicable if you want to Install a Premium Themes, since these plugins are not listed in the Themes directory, it cannot be Installed using the Search Method.

So after you have purchased your theme from the marketplace or any theme’s club, download the theme which is provided in the ZIP (.zip) format, follow the steps below to Install the Theme:

1. Head over to Appearance and click on Themes that opens up the theme’s page.
2. Click on Add New >> Upload Theme
3. Upload the Theme’s folder from your computer and click on Install Now

4. On Successful Installation, a success notification page appears from where you can activate the theme by clicking on Activate Theme.


Finally you have successfully installed and activated the theme and can now configure the general settings for the theme to run accordingly by navigating to Appearance >> Customize or the Theme Option’s panel that is provided.

Installing WordPress Theme through FTP

Well, for a beginner who has just started with their Blog, We don’t recommend Installing the theme through FTP.

However you can go for this method only if you encounter any problem such as Any Restriction of files from your Web Hosting Provider such as your server not allowing to upload themes or plugins which sometimes does occur.

Now coming to the Installation of Theme through FTP requires an FTP Client such as Filezilla. You can access your Web Host through the FTP Client which requires you to have a username and password, if you don’t have the credentials you can ask your Web Hosting Provider.

After logging in, you can locate the theme’s folder by following the path /wp-content/themes. Extract the downloaded theme folder on your computer followed by uploading the extracted folder at /wp-content/themes.


Now click on Appearance >> Themes that opens up the theme’s page, locate the theme you have uploaded and click on Activate.


I hope the guide will help every beginner to Install a WordPress Theme, you can also check our guide that covers the factor’s that you should look for when choosing a WordPress Theme. Do let us know in the comments below if have you any other thought’s that can be added to the Guide..

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